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Travel guide with car rental in Burgas

General information about Burgas

Burgas is a city on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. It developed more actively in the beginning of 20th century and today it is a large industrial center with many tourist attractions in the region. Built by the sea and surrounded by lakes – Vaya (also known as the Burgas lake), Atanaskovsko lake and Mandrensko lake. Burgas offers relatively mild weather characterized by cooler summers and warmer winters.
There are historical evidences that the lands that today Burgas occupies were inhabited since ancient times. However at that period most of the lands that today Burgas covers were small fisherman villages and fortifications. It was hard to flourish under the pressure of the better developed at that period trade centers Nesebar and Sozopol. At the end of the 19th century the city had less than 3000 inhabitants.
The Burgas Bay turned out to be very favorable for the navy and the Port of Burgas developed in the beginning of 20th c. The trade and the industry are the driving force of the city even today. The oil refinery was constructed in mid 20th c. and produces many plastic and oil products, as well as gas. More than 300 000 inhabitants live in Burgas today.
The tourism is not particularly developed in Burgas but the city is a stop for the picturesque century old towns Nesebar and Sozopol. Many large luxury holiday resorts were constructed in the Bay of Burgas. For the lovers of nature there are many camp-sites.

Tourist sightseeing around Burgas

The area offers a lot of sea resorts and sea villages, some of the are combined with green nature and hill relief.

Sunny Beach

Sunny beach is the biggest sea reasort in Bulgaria. It has a diverse buildings for acommodation including: hotels, appartments, guest houses, complexes, and also a lot of restaurant, disco clubs, pubs, aqua park and many others. The resort is very preferred from young tourists, like the opportunities of night life.


It is a town, which is known as an ancient city Mesembria and is been declared as a historical and architecture reserve. It is known, that Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe, and is exsisting since about 3200 years. It has managed to preserve an important part of their retirement, and artifacts. The old town is included in the UNESCO site. The town is very beautiful is great for walks.


The dunes are natural formations that are very beautiful.


It used to be a Thracian settlement here colonized by the Greeks in later times. A colony of the metropolis of Messembria was founded here in 5th century BC.
The main occupation was fishing, mining and trading of sea salt. The shallow firth presented ideal conditions for that – it was where the first settlers discovered layers of salt in the sand. Some of them are: City museum, Community Center, Church “Preobrazhenie Gospodne”.


Sozopol is a small town of 7000 people on the Black Sea coast, located 41 km south of Burgas. Near the town are also located the main Bulgarian resorts such as Dyuni, Primorsko, Kiten, while the distance to Varna is just 158 kilometers. You’ll decide to visit Sozopol if you want to spend a few relaxing days at the seaside without the crowds, who are typical for Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. The sea water in Sozopol is Sozopolalso tends to be cleaner as it is further away from the Danube delta. Sozopol is divided into an old part and new part. You could see monuments as: Architectural archeological reserve Sozopol, Ancient Thracian Fortress, Thracian tombs, Ancient necropolis, Fortress walls from the period 6-14 century.


It is located near Primorsko and has rich historical past. The main tourists attractions are 2 very beautiful bays and a wonderful sand line.


Ravda is located 30 km away from Burgas, 3 km from Nessebar, 5 km from Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, and Elenite and 98 km away from the city of Varna. The resort settlement of Ravda is an attractive destination for those who wish to have a rest at a peaceful seaside with the warm climate of Bulgaria and the numerous sunny days. Ravda used to be an international centre of children tourism and vacation, and within the last years it has become more and more popular among the tourists coming from Bulgaria and also from other European countries. The village is also popular for its college and school campus. It attracts a lot of students from few countries.

The best hotels in Burgas
according to Trip Advisor are:

– Primoretz hotel
– Gran Via hotel
– Burgas hotel
– Bulgaria hotel

Car hire in Burgas

If you plan to visit Burgas, and have not booked your car yet, you could do it by using our reservations form . If you travel from Burgas, CarsBurgas has an office in Burgas Plaza Mall, or from the airport, where you could take your car on spot. Burgas and the area are great for all kind of tourism visits.


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