Interesting summer destinations

It’s Summer. You are in Bourgas and you want to escape from the city for a few days, but you  don’t know where. Don’t worry we’ve got 2 destinations which won’t disappoint you. It doesn’t matter weather you are a party guy or you just want to chill.


Paramagnetic Paint

Color Changing Car

We are not pretty sure if this paint is real, but for sure it is really amazing. We’ll give you a simple explanation how it probably works.


Rural tourism in Bulgaria

Rural tourism in Zheravna

Bulgaria offers great possibilities for practicing of rural tourism, which attracts great interest of the tourists. This way they have the opportunity to discover traditions, costumes and culture from all the regions of the country.
What attracts the visitors is the possibility to become part of the locals, to do what they do, and to share their table. Those ones who didn’t involve with such activities would find it exciting, something different and enriching.
The rural tourism offers the following activities:

  • Preparing traditional meals.
    The tourists have an unique possibility to get in touch with the local cuisine and to participate in making traditional meals and drinks (home made wine and rakia);
  • Close look at the work of the craftsmen, and also the option to test their own skills.;
  • There are lessons in pottery, iconography and folk songs and dances, demonstrations of knitting and embroidery, and many other;
  • Visiting an architectural reserves where you can see old houses and museums, that have preserved the spirit of the past and the authentic life of the locals;
  • Rural tourism in the Central BalkanThe rural tourism offers unique possibility to visit sightseeing riding a horse, and also to enjoy the beautiful nature and breathe the mountain fresh air. You will be able to collect some forest flowers and aromatic herbs as well.
  • Production of homemade cheese, preparation of jam, homemade rakia and wine;

Where to practice rural tourism in Bulgaria?

One of the most famous villages and architectural reserves that offer Rural Tourism are: Apriltsi, Ribaritza, Medven, Zheravna, Arbanasi, Borovets, Kovatchevitsa, Trigrad, Bansko and others.

Traditional customs
All over the country the guests can attend customs and rituals such as fire-dancing, “Mummers”, “Bulgarian wedding”, “Lazaruvane”, “Koleduvane” Trifon’s Day “and others.

Rural tourism is a great opportunity to get away from the boredom of urban life. Give yourself a break with a different type of vacation by car hire from CarsBurgas ;

Source: bulgariatravel.org


How to change flat tire

Steps that you have to follow when changing flat tire

Stop the car in safety zone

When you realize that the car is with flat tire you should think about where to stop. Our advice is to stop in a zone where will not interfere with the movement of other vehicles. Of course, if the accident happened on a slope, it is necessary to move to a place with a flat surface.


Weather forecast

„If we have to go out, the rain became a downpour.“

Seventh conclusion of Zimurgi

Probably you have noticed that when you’re working, the weather outside is great, no clouds, and the sun is shining so tempting. You dream about the beach, how you are going to rest underneath big beach umbrella with cold drink in your hand. But when the week is ending and you’re going to have two days off, everything is going upside down Suddenly wind appears, after that – rain clouds are hiding the sun and your smile as well. Probably you’ll say “Think positive, it’s not up to you what the weather will be”! It varies due to many factors, not just to ruin our mood.

Here are some tips for better mood if the things happen just we’ve mentioned above.

  • To be sure that the weather is not going to ruin your vacation, and you’re not going to wait Saturday and Sunday, just make your vacation from Monday to Sunday.
  • Make sure you’ve checked the weather forecast for the next few days, so you are not going to be surprised of it.
  • If the weather in Burgas is cloudy or rainy, you can rent a car from CarsBurgas and visit the nearest sea resorts. Probably you’ll find some place nice and sunny, so you can enjoy your vacation


How to organize your suitcase

Organizing a suitcase is may be the most difficult step from the preparation for a vacation. Some people are preparing their suitcases on the previous day, but other do it just before leaving home. If your vacation is not a short one you should take more stuff, but the space is not enough to fit everything, there is way how to handle with that issue. We’ll show you two of the most common techniques.


Rent a car tips

The team of CarsBurgas would like to make the reservation process much more easier for the customers. That’s why we’ve selected some situations. And we’ll show you how to handle with this issues by yourself and spend less time in wondering what to do.

Some of the customers are sending us e-mail and ask us for a car, but provide us with not enough information.

First of all when you need a car it will be good to take a look of the web site. You will find pages with the most important information as:



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